Treatment by Mind

If somebody suffers with fever, let him impose on himself the thought that he wants to get better, to devote his life to realizing a good, great work. Soon the idea begins to work in him and the fever will pass. If the idea gives a good result and he recovers, this shows that it has worked. Every idea, every virtue that can be realized, first improves the health doxycycline online in canada.

Hindus have the following way of healing wounds: they gather prana from Nature and with the help of their minds they direct that prana to the ill place, which gets better within 20 minutes.

While living in the world of contradictions, you should know that you are under the law of suggestion. Neither mortals, nor immortals are free from that law. Having in mind this, you shall always keep in your mind positive thoughts and feelings if you want to get rid of many painful conditions, which are not yours. If you connect with someone, who suffers with pains in the leg, you will experience the same pain.

So, if you want to progress in life, apply the law of suggestion. When it comes to your family, you apply suggestion quite successfully. If it comes to you, you cannot profit from it. For example, if a friend of yours is discouraged and afraid that he will not pass the exam, encourage him, suggest to him that he will pass his exam and he will calm down. If you find yourself in the same situation, you cannot help yourself. So, the law of suggestion does not work for you. Apply this law to yourself, as well as to your friends, but always for the good, the positive in life. This law works everywhere. Consciously or unconsciously, animals and people use this law. As rational beings, you shall use suggestion in all cases in life: to heal, to strengthen your memory, to encourage, to withstand sorrows and sufferings, etc. The suggestion is a weapon, by which one can fight evil and the negative powers in the world. Contemporary people live in hell.

As disciples you must apply the laws of suggestion to influence yourselves in a positive way. If your memory is poor, work with suggestion to strengthen it. If someone likes to sleep a lot and cannot get up early, let him suggest every evening to get up in the morning, for example, exactly at 5 a.m. As a law, the suggestion makes sense when applied for acquiring something positive, for creating something good in human nature. Whether aware of it or not, all people and all animals use suggestion as a working method.

There are days and hours when suggestion affects humans harmfully. During that time people shall not suggest anything to each other. At such moments one should fence himself against suggestion in the same way, in which the military builds fortresses against enemies.

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