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The Gout Diet – Find Out Which Facts Gout Sufferers Should Consider

Calling yourself a gout sufferer indicates that you have been positively diagnosed with gout. It is important to know whether you have true gout, secondary gout, false gout or any other condition that might mimic gout.

Conditions that mimic gout include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, bacterial infections and pseudogout. Though gout is a type of arthritis, monosodium urate crystals that precipitate in the joints because of high uric levels do not cause the above mentioned conditions. So in order to manage your gout with a diet, you actually have to be sure which condition you have.

There are quite a number of factors to consider when you have a primary condition that you are receiving treatment for. Primary conditions include injury, surgery, chemical treatments, obesity, any other disease and a whole list of other factors.

Purine is a natural substance found in all living cells. They provide part of the chemical structure of plant and animal genes. Some cells contain high levels of purine. High-purine foods are also usually high protein foods.

Personally I prefer never to think diet, I would rather opt for life style change because changing to a gout diet is a long-term commitment. It is not a diet to quickly lose a couple of kilograms.

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To start this whole life style change you will need to have a change in mindset. It will be the proverbial flick of the switch. The light must go on. This will probably be the most difficult part of the whole exercise.

Once you realize that the decision you have to make is critical to your overall life- time health, the switch will flip and you will know that you have to do this.

Now you will have to do some investigating to find out what you are eating and drinking that might be responsible for your gout. Write down what your daily intake is. Believe me, it looks very different on paper. Do this for a couple of days and then evaluate what you have written.

In the meantime, research the foods that are good for gout and what you should avoid.

After investigation you will probably find that you have more high-purine foods in your diet, than is good for you. These are the foods that you need to limit or avoid. Once you have identified them, they will be much easier to avoid. It might be a good idea to see a dietitian who can help you with the necessary adjustments to your life style.