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Is Lowering Uric Acid Naturally Through Diet Better Than Using Drugs?

We have two options when lowering uric acid in order to prevent gout; natural remedies (in this case we are considering just diet) or conventional acid-reducing drugs. But which is best? To answer that question, let’s first look at conventional treatment for lowering uric acid…

Conventional Drugs For Lowering Uric Acid in the Body

Probably the most common drug used is allopurinol which inhibits the xanthine oxidase enzyme that activates uric acid production in the liver. In this way it can be used to reduce acid levels in the blood over time.

And it has to be recognized that allopurinol is a long-term solution, with most folks having to take it over their life time. This is because they only work as long as they are being taken, they are not a ‘cure.’ In addition, they can have some negative side effects such as rashes, liver dysfunction, dermatitis, etc.

Another unfortunate ‘side effect’ is that if they are taken during a gout attack, then they tend to make the gout symptoms more severe. This is why it is recommended to not start this treatment until at least one month has elapsed since the end of the last gout attack.

Probenecid and sulfinpyrazone are uricosuric drugs that can also lower uric acid in the body, but this time by helping to increase the excretion of the acid through the kidneys. These drugs are also a lifetime commitment. One of the side effects of this therapy is possible kidney stone formation, particularly where the patient has an existing kidney problem.

Now let’s take a look at lowering acid naturally using diet

Using Diet For Reducing Uric Acid in the Body

Our bodies contain nucleotides called ‘purines‘ which are chemical compounds. When these break down, as they naturally do during the metabolizing process, uric acid is produced in the bloodstream.

But they also exist in many of our foods and these breakdown in our bodies during the digestive process, thus producing acid in the bloodstream.

Now, under normal circumstances, the kidneys can process the total amount of acid and expel excess from the body via the urine. But, where there is too much being produced, and / or, the kidneys are not functioning to the best of their ability, then excess acid is retained and circulated in the blood. Thus leading to crystal formation and gout.

So diet is important because it contributes to the overall production of uric acid in your blood. An important issue is that some foods contain more purines than others. Generally speaking, foods high in protein are high in purines, so these must be avoided. These are foods such as game, organ meat, fatty red meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, and so on.

Lowering Uric Acid Naturally v Drug-Based Medication

It’s safe to say that reducing uric acid through diet is much preferable to the use of drugs. It’s clear that the drug-based solution only works whilst they are being taken and can have some negative side effects. This is pertinent when you consider that the drugs such as allopurinol are lifetime commitments.

Dietary changes on the other hand, although perhaps difficult to adjust to in the beginning, are safer and just as effective, if not more so. Although you must always consult your physician before making any significant changes to your diet.

How To Find Effective Sciatica Treatment

Suffering from sciatica can be painful for the sufferer but also painful for the family that has to watch them suffer from it. Many do not even know that there are a number of different natural sciatica treatment methods out there. The natural treatment methods are not only great for helping you to relieve the sciatica but it is also good for helping the sciatica not come back.

Before you can even think about looking to the different sciatica treatment options you will find that you need to first take a few steps. You will need to rest over the first few days in the bed to make sure that you don’t make things worse and to help ease the pain as much as possible. You can try taking over the counter medications for the pain and you can also try compress to help with the swelling and inflammation.

You also need to make sure that you see a doctor to make sure that you have not injured your back severely enough to need surgery. When you see the doctor you should mention the natural methods that you found and see if he says that they will be okay for the sciatica given the underlying reason for it.

After you have done this you can start your research for a great method. You can find a lot of information of the internet. One thing that you need to be sure you look out for however are exercises that are going to be gentle because you don’t want to do any further damage then you have done already.

You will want to look for methods that will help with strengthening the muscles that you have in your back so that you can work to prevent sciatica from happening again. However if you find a method of sciatica treatment that works for you then you should make sure that you keep the information in case you do happen to have the same situation happen again then you will already know what to do and when to get started.

You should also work to stay away from too much pain medication because this will make the pain ease off but if you only use this you will find that you never really addressed the issue at hand. Not only that but long term pain medication can be addicting and also wears down on your body so this is not good for you in any way.

Bamboo Massage Therapy

Within the many different types of massage techniques used all over the world, essential tools are used in order to make massage therapy easier and more effective. Bamboo therapy is a good example of a massage therapy that is aided by a simple tool in order to do a complicated job. This type of therapeutic massage focuses on releasing tension on the muscle especially on the deep tissue of the body. This method has the similar objective with deep tissue massage on working on the different muscle groups of the body, however not by using the elbow but by using different lengths and sizes of bamboo sticks.

Although this type of therapy was inspired from the ancient form of Chinese medical care, it is definitely a new addition to the many different styles of therapeutic massage all over the world. The use of bamboo sticks is similar in concept with the use of other tools like the basalt and marbles used for hot and cold stone massage therapy. These sticks are also known as “cho” as bamboo is called like that in Chinese. Like most oriental massage therapies, it also based its healing capabilities by aiming on the key areas or meridian points of the body to release the energy that has been clogged on the different path ways all over the body. The sticks are used on these energy points in order to release and realign the broken balance of energy within the body. Not only will the energy flow freely and have a good circulation within the body, the oxygen and blood circulation will also improve significantly. Improper use of these sticks though will result to injuries instead of doing benefits for the body.

Therapy begins with working on the feet area of the patient while applying special oils to give a good glide for the stick over the feet. Kneading is the most commonly used massage technique using the bamboo stick. It mimics the foot roller in massaging the different areas of the body. The pressure exerted by the massage therapist depends on his or her preference, however the patient can always request for a certain level of pressure and can always tell the therapist in case the pressure is too much or too weak. The consistent rolling and kneading with the bamboo stalks helps release the muscle tension build ups all over the body as well as creating a good flow on the central nervous system by simply stimulating it. This type of massage is also known for creating an impact on the patient’s health condition and responses. A good bamboo massage therapy can remove any type of stress whether it is physical or mental stress. Patients can expect to have a good respiratory and nervous system after regular sessions of this type of massage therapy as it improves all types of circulation within the human body. However, this can only be achieved when done by trained and licensed massage therapists.

Understanding Your Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain is caused by several factors such as inflammation and damage of joint tissues. Inflammation is the process that causes the redness and swelling in your joints. Damage joint tissues is the result of an injury, stress or pressure on the joints. Arthritis affects tendons, joints, and ligaments. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout are the most common types of arthritis.

Arthritis is a common condition that can affect people of all ages. You may think that little can be done to help your arthritis, but this is not true. Relief of pain is possible in everyone with arthritis. Furthermore, the disease process that may lead to joint destruction can be controlled effectively in most people. More can be done today to ease the pain of arthritis and to slow joint destruction than ever before.

Many people with serious types of arthritis are now leading full and productive lives. As a person with arthritis, your future is full of possibilities. Find exercises that are right for you. Healthy eating habits can also help prevent arthritis pain. Many scientists agree – simple lifestyle changes such as increasing your daily intake of fruits, vegetables and phytonutrients and decreasing or eliminating toxins, can have a profound positive effect on overall diseases such as arthritis.

Natural remedies for arthritis offer an alternative for those who want to avoid the potential side effects of prescription drugs. More and more people are seeking a natural arthritis remedy to treat the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and similar conditions and can provide significant relief for arthritis sufferers.

There is a simple solution that can revive the daily joys in life you once got pleasure from. HUMIC ACID
So powerful and effective, it was prized by ancient doctors and practitioners for its power to restore and revitalize energy, relieve pain and inflammation, enhance immunity and help alleviate many of the effects of aging.

The most attractive feature of these natural arthritis remedies is that they are safe, and have not been shown to cause side-effects. Take a positive step in improving your health and educate yourself about the benefits of natural anti inflammatory remedy. Relieve your arthritis pain naturally and enjoy life again. Rediscover the pleasure of playing with your children or grandchildren again, gardening, hiking…..

Humic acid may be the solution to your nightmare. Researches have proven that humic acid is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. In the years before we depleted our growing soil, humic acid was a natural part of the food chain. Nowadays, we’re missing this ingredient that have healthful benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties.

Today the world goes back to Mother Nature and is rediscovering the value of natural products. Humic acid is created from a pure, rare, 18,000 year old Canadian bog and is a unique natural health nutrient. Man is discovering the healing powers of Mother Nature.

The Advantages of Pressure Relieving Mattresses

Pressure relieving mattresses and other related cushioning products have been in the news for years now. In fact they were developed originally by NASA to keep astronauts comfortable during their long space flights, and when they first came out they tended to be quite expensive.

Even so, while they still do tend to cost more than standard mattresses, comparatively speaking, that difference in cost has become substantially narrower over the past couple of decades. This is turn has led to an ever increasing number of hospitals and care homes in the US, Canada, and the UK to switch over entirely.

Now the first advantage that these state of the art mattresses have over even the best quality standard mattress is comfort. The pressure relieving products use what’s called memory foam. Now memory foam is the material that was developed by the US space program and it is a truly amazing material.

In simple terms, memory foam gives-way to pressure from your body when you lay on it. It actually forms to the exact shape of your body, such that no any one area is under more pressure that any others, so the end result is that the weight of your body is distributed evenly.
You just get a better night’s sleep because you aren’t tossing and turning trying to find a position that you’re comfortable in. In fact the words that are most commonly used to describe the effect, is that you just seem to melt right into it.

This in turn leads to a lessening of bed sores and other problems related to spending an inordinate amount of time in bed. In fact if you were to ask a doctor today what the best treatment for bed sores is, they will likely tell you that it’s not to get them in the first place.
Now if you think that bed sores and ulcers won’t be a problem for a friend or loved one who’s confined to their bed, then you’re taking a huge gamble. The problem here is that once they set in they’re extremely difficult to treat, by virtue of the fact that they’re confined to the bed that caused them in the first place.

You are far better off treating them pre-emptively. That is doing whatever it takes to prevent them in the first place because they are very uncomfortable. Just imagine having an open sore on say your hip or back that was there every time you lay down to rest, or sleep.

Then the last benefit of a pressure relieving mattress is that in the end they are a better deal because they last so much longer. In fact years after a standard mattress has begun to sag, a memory foam product will still be holding its original shape. Memory foam is quite simply the very latest technological development in padding products. It’s also worth noting that mattresses adapt right into a standard bed frame.

What About Disc Surgery?

Have you ever heard a horror story about a back or neck surgery that somehow went terribly wrong, making things worse? Alternatively, do you know someone who has done extremely well after spine surgery, achieving relief of symptoms and a return to enjoyable activities? Disc surgery of the lower back or neck has long been the gold-standard for improving function and pain in those patients with disc herniations. There are, however, good and poor outcomes that may result from any surgery. With this in mind, what can be expected after disc surgery?

As background, the discs in the neck or lower back are the cartilage filled joints that allow our spines to move. As with any other mechanical part, these joints can wear out or rupture, causing pressure on the nerves that are nearby. These “pinched nerves” can generate pain in the arm or leg that can be quite severe. Generally, pinched nerves can be treated with oral or injectable anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, traction and rest.

When the nerve pain is not mitigated using these conservative methods, surgery is considered to provide pain relief. The basic concept of the surgery is to remove the offending piece of disc from pinching the nerve. Only that portion of the disc that is pushing on the nerve is removed and not the whole of the disc. Even with large disc herniations, most surgery only removes 10-20% of the disc. This leaves enough of the disc for the vertebrae to move and prevents them from rubbing on each other.

Over the past 10 years, many improvements have been made to the technology used and the approaches for Spinal Disc Surgery. Surgical incisions are now usually about 1 inch long versus the 3 inch incision of the past. Incisions sites are now injected with a numbing agent after surgery to greatly reduce post-operative pain. The surgery itself takes about 30-45 minutes to perform (previously – 90 minutes) and most patients will wake-up after the surgery without leg or arm pain. The only restriction after surgery is a limitation on lifting for the first 6 weeks of recovery. In our more athletic patients, we allow them to get back to conditioning during the 6 week recovery period. After 6 weeks, there are no restrictions, and patients can return to their normal daily activities as well as their normal athletic activities.
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Several studies have evaluated the effects of disc surgery on a patient’s ability to return to normal activities. The most recent study involved disc surgery done on NFL professional football lineman in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. As lineman are the largest football players, as well as incurring the most strain on their backs during play, these athletes can be completely incapable of a high level of performance, even with mild back pain. This recent study found, of the 52 players treated with surgery, 81 percent returned to play professional football. Of the 36 starting lineman that had surgery, 33 returned to their starting position on their professional football team. So for those of us who don’t stress our backs like professional football players, we should be back to our normal activities very quickly and with high levels of satisfaction about our recovery. There were no complications in any of these patients. The complication rate in disc surgery nationally is less than 1%. Unfortunately, when complications happen, these patients may take 3-6 months to recover.

More than 90% of patients will improve after a disc herniation with medications, injections and physical therapy. However, with progress in surgery and improved recovery, there is no need to live with the pain of a disc herniation. It is important that you consult a highly-qualified, fellowship-trained spine specialist for diagnosis and effective treatment. Leveraging today’s technology and the expertise of a skilled Orthopaedist, herniated disc patients are able to return to their life faster than ever before AND with increased function and complete pain relief.

Take Action On Your Back Pain

Back pain is no fun, no matter how you look at it. But if you are one of the millions of sufferers of back pain, there are some things you can do to alleviate some of your discomfort.

A simple way to help lessen the stress on your back is to do just that: take the pressure off. Lay flat on your back on the floor or on your bed with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. This simple position rotates your pelvis forward and gently curls your lower back, relieving some of the pressure on your spinal column. When going to sleep, modify this position by placing a pillow under your knees. The curve of your lumbar spine will not be as great, and the some of that strain will be gone.

Maintaining good posture is another easy way to help ease a tired back. Pick up a lumbar support pillow at your doctor’s or at the store and sit with that under the small of your back. If you do not have access to one, try rolling a towel into a long tube and placing it on the small of your back while seated. You will be surprised at how quickly your body will sit up straight in the proper position.

If your back pain is more severe or is accompanied by any stabbing shooting pain, you should seek the care of your physician. Also talk to him or her about starting an exercise routine. A strong core, or mid section, is invaluable in fending off back pain of all sorts, so strength training can do wonders to help with back pain. For instance, doing stomach crunches from the plank position on a regular basis will build strong stomach and back muscles which will protect the spine and back as a whole.

Many people have found relief from a chiropractor as well. This method is especially useful for people with chronic back issues. Chiropractic work is often complimented with massage therapy which helps to soften the soft tissue around the spine. These two treatments in conjunction offer a lot of relief for many back pain sufferers.

Finally, maintaining a healthy weight is the most important thing you can do for your overall health. By not carrying extra weight around your mid section, you are not putting any unnecessary weight strain on your back to carry around the weight and this can go a long way toward easing back pain in itself.

Seek for the Best Pain Management Specialist

In order for you to take care of yourself, you should have the best methods in order to eliminate every threat that may affect it. Pain is a condition that can cause discomfort in your life. It will let you experience the unusual feeling and it will affect the level of your life in every single way. Pain can be classified into many levels, depending on its extent. You should first determine if you can handle the pain by yourself or not.

If you can handle the pain through the use of medication, there is no need for you to look for further treatments. However, if the pain comes back and it recurs, you need to look for pain management specialist in order to help you mend the pain you are experiencing. You need to know that they are the experts when it comes in taking care of your pain by alleviating it.

They have different methods that they can use in order to help you to go on with your life without any pain.

  • First, they will look on the type of pain you have.
  • Pain management specialists Belfast have different ways that he can use in order to treat patients in pain.
  • They can offer therapeutic exercises and massages suitable for you to get rid of the pain you are experiencing.
  • Also they can use several medications in order to help you to get rid of the pain in the most efficient way.

You should look for the best specialist in dealing with your pain. There are many specialists across the country that can help you to eliminate your pain. They can offer quality pain management you should have in order to help yourself regain its total control. Through years of experience in dealing with lots f people in pain, these specialists can really do wonders for the pain you have.

Pain management specialists Dublin can really help you in managing your pain, making way for you to have the comfort you need. Considering that they have already years of experience when it comes to these things, you can really help yourself if you will seek help from them, As much as possible, you should really commit yourself in finding the best support you need in pain management. With this, you will have the best comfort and relief you need in order to regain control of your life. You can do the things you normally do without worrying about the pain you might get.

A Natural Pain Remedy With Brain Entrainment


The aim of this article is to present to the reader a brief description of endorphins, how they’re produced by the human body, and how brain entrainment can be utilised as a natural pain remedy by releasing endorphins through the use of binaural beats. By the end of the article, you will have discovered that a binaural beats download is a far better option for endorphin release than any medicinal product on the market.


Endorphins are ‘endogenous opioid peptides’ that function as neurotransmitters. They are the released by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus during exercise (the ‘runner’s high’), and are responsible for that post-coitus afterglow. They are also released during moments of pain, in order to reduce discomfort. Endorphins resemble opiates in their ability to produce analgesia and create feelings of well-being and euphoria. Without these chemicals, it would have been difficult for man to endure the pains of the prehistoric ‘red in tooth and claw’ aspect of nature!


Endorphins were first discovered by accident in the 1970s by scientists researching drug addiction. They wondered why the brain contained receptors for the poppy plant, and eventually found out that the brain produces neurochemicals more potent than morphine.


Endorphins are known to attach to ‘receptors’ on the outer surfaces of brain cells, acting like chemical keys which fit into locks. If enough endorphin is inserted into the outer ‘keyhole’ of a nerve cell, that cell is unlikely to convey pain messages to the conscious part of the brain.


As with any activity within the brain, endorphin release relates to specific brainwave patterns. Binaural beats specialise in creating these wave patterns though the subtle but effective use of an audible stimulus.


Binaural beats work through a process called brain entrainment. With this technology, one frequency is played into each ear. The brain then combines the two frequencies to form a single tone, before altering its own frequency to match that of the tone. This is called a ‘frequency following response’. Through this procedure, the brain can be trained to induce a variety of different states beneficial to your mental as well as physical health.


As our bodies get older, and we become increasingly susceptible to the effects of stress, chronic pain is commonly experienced, even by healthy individuals, and the commonly accepted antidote of medicine is often more debilitating than the pain itself, particularly if utilised in the long term. In my opinion, it would be considered wiser to increase endorphins normally, rather than spend thousands on harmful chemicals which make you simply forget about the pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms and Treatments

Any kind of joint disorders definitely need certain medications and some medically indicated procedures to relieve muscle aches. But these kinds of interventions would never suffice to fully treat rheumatoid arthritis since there is still a need to know more things when it comes to its treatment. More importantly, experts must find accurate ways in dealing with this condition since it is believed to be a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation that affects various organs and tissues but mainly on the synovial joints. Pain is more likely to be experienced by someone having this condition as well as swelling on the affected part. Stiffness is also possible. In some cases, joints tend to lose their functions most especially if left untreated.

Experts have confirmed that this disease is a hereditary type. This means that it can run from generation to generation. Its causes may be due to the combination of some genes and other factors triggering the disease. The most common individuals who are unlucky to acquire this disorder are those having the human leukocyte antigen or HLA. This group of people have higher chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis compared to those who never acquired that particular gene.

There are instances when the symptoms of this disease can be intermittent or recurrent but it is typically reliant on the degree of inflammation. Sometimes, the disease only attacks the sufferer if the tissues are inflamed. The most common symptoms include: swelling in one or more joints, lack of appetite, body weakness, mild hyperthermia, severe pain in one more joints and morning stiffness.

Knowing that rheumatoid arthritis is considered to be a systemic type of disease, it is very important for everyone to fathom that the joints are not the only parts that can be affected. In fact, there are cases where other vital organs can be perturbed as well. To exemplify, this disease can also cause an inflammation to the glands located in the mouth and eyes leading to the dryness of the affected organ.

Today, the study of determining more causative agents of this condition conducted by several health care professionals is still underway. Nevertheless, it may only be a matter of time before the most accurate treatment can be discovered. Experts also concluded that an aberrant increase of uric acid is not the only triggering factor of rheumatoid arthritis. Other agents leading to this disease may also include: excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, dehydration, fever, surgical procedures and the adverse reactions of some medications.

Knowing that some causes occur during the activities of daily living, it is imperative for a person to do lifestyle modifications to dwindle the chances of developing this disorder. Such measures include: switching to a healthy diet, consistent physical exercises, moderate drinking of alcoholic drinks and parrying too much activities that are strenuous.

The bad news is that there hasn’t been any type of drug or procedure that can completely cure rheumatoid arthritis. Nonetheless, certain drugs are available which can at least suppress the attack. By preventing the exacerbation of this disease, one could fully improve his or her quality of life.

There are also drugs that can prevent the attack of rheumatoid arthritis. However, many of these medications can have major adverse reactions so it is important for physicians to prescribe those that have lesser side effects only. Other forms of treatment can include: sufficient rest, physical therapy, good nutrition and some drugs to suppress the immune system.

Finally, it is always important to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing another episode of rheumatoid arthritis. That way, the doctor can immediately find a way to manage it.