The Effect Of Scents In Aromatherapy Massage

The Effect Of Scents In Aromatherapy Massage

This method of massage therapy and a branch of herbal medicine uses the aid of scented oil to make the patient relax as he or she unwinds during the massage session. These scented oils are called essential oils which are plant extracts that have strong scents that are effective in soothing the patient while having no negative effects whatsoever.

Like most type of massage therapy, aromatherapy massage traces back its origin in Ancient China, Japan, Egypt and India. In the ancient days, massage therapists used herbs and flower extracts as their medium for an aromatherapy massage. Nowadays, massage parlors and spas have the liberty to add scented candles on their massage therapy session.

Although the process of massaging is almost similar to the popular types of massage therapy, it has the uniqueness and advantage of using any type of essential oil suited for various purposes intended for the patient’s needs for his or her medical care. There are essential oils that are good for relaxing, balancing, relieving stress, and recharging the strength of the patient.

An aromatherapy massage is commonly used on patients to relieve stress or any emotional-related conditions that needs to be washed out of the patient’s mind. This is because our nostrils are connected to the limbic system which is part of our brain that controls the hormones and the nervous system. This is why when you inhale the molecules of scented oils, our brain receives the message that affects our emotional system through the limbic system.

Each type of essential oil as mentioned above has different uses for our emotional related conditions. Some of these essential oils as well as their properties are listed below:

  • Lavender – this is a good scent to be used in calming the patient’s mood after a stressful day at work. This is probably one of the most commonly used essential oil on an aromatherapy massage session. It is known that lavender is good in balancing a person’s emotion and helps in getting the emotional control back.
  • Rosemary – it is believed to be an uplifting essential oil which belongs to the mint family found in the Mediterranean regions. It is a common and popular essential oil used on an aromatherapy massage as it also has healing properties on wounds (not on open wounds) as well has aids in renewing healthy skin and keeping hair luster.

Like any type of massage method, an aromatherapy massage is known to be effective in treating physical and emotional stress. Patients who have tried this type of therapeutic massage reported that it is an effective natural treatment against headache, back pain, digestive disorders and many more. Aromatherapy massage also ensures the patient a stress-free feeling emotionally and physically after the session.

Make sure that you consult first with your doctor before you make the decision on having an aromatherapy massage session. It is just a precautionary measure that as there is no records of serious problems related to any type of massage therapy which would raise the alarm among the patients.

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