Gout – The Formation of Monosodium Urate Crystals In Synovial Fluid

Monosodium Urate Crystal (MSU) is what causes the painful gouty inflammation that tortures many adult males nowadays. Most of the gout patients do not know much about the gout they are having, all they know is that gout is related to high blood uric acid level and they must reduce the consumption of high purine diet to minimize the possibility of another gout attack.

The drugs that they take during the gout attack are mainly for the purpose of anti-inflammatory and pain killing, none of the gout drugs really act on the monosodium urate crystals that trigger the inflammation. Even after the inflammation subsided, those urate crystals still stay in the synovial fluid and deposit on the cartilage layers of the joint. Whenever there is new formation for monosodium urate crystals, there will be another round of painful gout attack. The intensity and frequency of the attacks will increase as more and more urate crystals deposit in the joint.

In order to cure gout once and for all, one must first understand the formation of monosodium urate crystals in synovial fluid. Only by understand how the enemy comes about, only then you know how to reverse the process and dissolve the urate crystals out from the joint.

The journey starts from a substance known as purine. Many people think that the main source of purine is from the food we eat, but the actual fact is that up to 85% of the purines are produced by your body itself. Every day, there are millions of body cells die and the breaking down of the DNA within the cells release billions units of purine. Some of the purines will be used in the formation of new DNA while most of the excess purines must be sent to the liver for degradation.

After the liver breaks down the purines to uric acids, these acids will be released into the bloodstream to be carried to the kidneys for disposal through urination. The problem start to develop when there are too much workload for the kidneys and you do not drink enough water to help flush away the acids and urea. Eventually, the kidneys start to become weak and the uric acid disposal rate reduced.

That will cause the build up uric acid in the bloodstream, but when the pH of blood reaches the alarming level, the body must find alternative channels to get rid of the acids. The acid will be dumped out from the bloodstream into the interstitial fluid and the acid molecules will gradually seeps into the synovial fluid. When the concentration of uric acid in the synovial fluid reaches the saturation point where no more acid can be dissolved, crystallization happens and that is how the formation of monosodium urate crystals in synovial fluid takes place.

Now you know the pathway of uric acid, you should have an idea on how to gradually melt the urate crystals away, just reverse the pathway. First, strengthen your kidney function and drink more water to flush out the acid in the blood. As the acid level in the blood drops, more acid can be reabsorbed from the interstitial fluid and the synovial fluid. Finally, when the uric acid concentration in the synovial fluid reduces, the urate crystals will start to dissolve and your gout will begin to disappear. Remember, it takes time!

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