Causes and Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain or low backache is a very common health disorder that affects more than nine of every ten people. People from different parts of the world report acute pain in the lower back parts of their body which is popularly known as lower backache. Usually, this health problem occurs when the victim does not take enough exercises. But, it becomes really tough when identifying this health problem becomes though. By the way, if you know about some specific causes and symptoms about this health disorder, you are likely to be able to avoid low pain in the back.


Not practicing warm up matches before playing the final match is seen as one of the most important reasons that causes lower back pain to the sportsmen. For those who play regularly, it is a must to take on scheduled practices before they go for the final matches. Medical studies suggest that, if enough warm-ups are not taken, the sciatic nerves become inflexible that may cause back pain.

Lack of regular exercises is another very important reason behind sciatica or sciatic pain. Studies and health bureau reports suggest that in more than 60% of the cases, victims feel light or acute back pain only because of the lack of exercises. So, whether you are suffering from backache or not, never hesitate to be regular in taking exercises.

Using high heeled and non-flat shoes is another important reason why most of the women get lower backache. You may wonder, how it can be possible, but the fact is true. If you use a high heeled shoe, your backbones and the sciatic nerves become irritated that may cause you severe backache. So, if your shoes are higher than two inches in height, change them immediately.
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Sleeping positions and sitting postures often cause side back pain. Many people do not care about changing sleeping and sitting positions too frequently that cause them severe, light or chronic back pain.


There are some very common symptoms of lower backache that are described below.

Severe pain is a very common symptom of backache. Whether the backache is severe or light, the victim feels acute or light pain in the back parts of their body which is treated as the most common reason behind lower back pain.

Burning is another common reason. The victim may feel acute burning in the back part of the body when backache is felt. The back part may become reddish if the pain exists.

Finally, even if you cannot realize whether your pain is severe or not, go to your physician for proper consultations on how to treat lower back pain.

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