Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life and she has to take good care of her self during this period. There are many common problems that women face when they are pregnant. These include muscle cramps and aches in various parts of her body. She also goes through emotional highs and lows because of the stress of the impending birth and the presence of large amounts of hormones in the body. Massage is one of the best ways that she can keep herself feeling happy and comfortable during this time.

Massages offer a pregnant woman a wide range of benefits starting from relaxation and stress reduction. However, they also offer other benefits such as increased blood circulation. Pregnant women tend to suffer from sluggish blood circulation which leads to a variety of other problems. They also have problems with the elimination of wastes because of this. A regular massage helps to solve these problems and the woman feels a lot more healthy and active than before. Her unborn child also benefits from the massages because of the efficient distribution of nutrients throughout her body. Her skin tone also improves thanks to the massages and she is likely to not suffer from stretch marks. Even if they appear they will be very faint.

A pregnant woman should be very careful while getting massage because there are certain areas that should never be massaged during this period. The masseuse should stay away from her abdomen during this period because it is not safe for the unborn child. The expectant mother should also lie on her side while undergoing the therapy. She should never lie on her back during this period because this position cuts off blood circulation to the uterus which is extremely dangerous for the unborn child. She should also avoid getting massaged on tables that have cutouts that enable her to lie face down because this position puts a lot of unwanted strain on her lower back which is already under a lot of stress thanks to the pregnancy.


The massage that she gets should not be vigorous because that can result in the dislocation of joints. A pregnant woman’s body has a lot of hormones and one of them, Relaxin, has the ability to loosen joints in preparation of the birth of the child. You should also be careful that the floor you walk around on is not oiled because you should not risk falling down during this state. Your body should also not be too oiled for this reason.

A woman should only get a massage from a therapist who is experienced in dealing with pregnant women because their needs are very special. There are many therapists who specialize in offering this service and they are relatively easy to find. However, you should look for references for a good masseuse so that you get the best possible treatment. You will feel very comfortable during your pregnancy and your body will be better equipped to deal with the rigors that it puts upon you.

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